Claims Process

The insurance claims process can be terrible and aggravating, or it can be simple and easy. It is all about who is on your side and looking out for your best interests, and who is working with the insurance company. Just like any legal process, you need someone representing your rights … someone like All-Access Auto Body.

1 Notice of Loss

  • Call a certified Collision Care Center
  • Collision Care Center confirms loss report to insurance company
  • Obtain claim number from insurer
  • Collision Care Center consults with you and assesses your customer needs

2 Claims Management

  • Repair authorization signed
  • Insurance coverage limitations assessed and confirmed.
  • Payment policy reviewed and payment decisions made
  • Initialcompletion date confirmed
  • Repair orders signed

3 Estimating and Evaluation

  • Care center provides written estimate or proceeds to repair agreement
  • You and care center establish repair completion date according to your needs, repair complexity, parts availability and insurer's authorization
  • Collision center reviews estimate with insurance company (if applicable)
  • Complete pre-repair inspection and assessment made to detect any additional needs
  • Any additional costs, betterments or additionalservice/repairs itemized and payment determined with your authorization

4 Repair Process Management

  • Parts ordered
  • Parts received
  • Complete pre-repair wash

5 Initial Repair

  • Repair process begins with tear down and disassembly
  • Additional insurer and customer authorization
  • Hidden damage is detected if any after exposure in tear-down process
  • If necessary, a supplement is written
  • Any additional parts are ordered and upon arrival repairs continue

6 Structural Body & Metal Repair

  • Structural repair is done in case of heavy hits
  • Body and metal repairs are made according to exact tolerances
  • Parts installed and fit and finish inspection to meet manufacturer's tolerances
  • Body parts are refinished and corrosion protection restored according to factory tolerances
  • Body and metal work is completed to consistent pre-finish grade
  • Prior to refinish, the vehicle is inspected
  • Vehicle is primed, sanded, sealed and masked

7 Refinishing - Painting Process

  • Primers and special base colors added
  • Vehicle is baked to cure refinish coats to meet factory quality or better
  • Primary color is applied
  • Refinish is buffed and wet sanded where necessary to insure invisible repairs and factory match

8 Reassembling Process

  • Vehicle is re-assembled
  • A post-repair cleaning is complete
  • A finalinspection ensures that all repairs standards have been met

9 On-Going Care and Maintenance

  • Customer is notified when repairs completed
  • Re-inspection at predetermined later date
  • Any ongoing body maintenance such as annual body tune-ups,and minor recondition and repairs

10 Delivery

  • Review repairs with customer to ensure the proper technjques were used and provides them with a warranty on the repair

Collision and Fender Repairs

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